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Wool Lined Mens Slippers

These Wool Lined moccasin slippers were designed for the man who loves his warm memory house shoes, the shoes are also heat resistant for that extra level of comfort. These slippers are peerless addition to your home and will make your life easier.

Wool Men's Slippers

These Wool men's slippers are top grade for a warm day in the sun or a cool night at home, they have a faux Wool comfiness in the feel and feel of your feet. They are also sterling for your cold feet, these slippers are sensational value too! These slippers are made of Wool and are made to help you feel comfortable and safe when outside. They have a soft, cushy lining that will keep your feet warm and your foot cold, they are also top-of-the-line for thinking about or using while outside. These Wool slippers are so soft and comfortable! They look like they were made for you! The lining is going to keep you cool and comfortable all day long, the house slippers will keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long. These Wool Lined mens slippers are first-class for a warm winter day, they are made with a comfortable foam cushioned design and are tough and durable. Plus, the Wool is efficient and won't make you feel ill all the time.